My Team

I am currently recruiting curious Masters and PhD students who are passionate about science and like virus adventures. Two new students will be announced soon but others are encouraged to apply.


Erin Gill

Research Associate

Erin is a computational biologist that has the perfect balance of analytical thinking with the understanding of biological experimentation. Dr. Gill graduated from UBC in 2009 in the Department of Genetics. Erin uses her talents for exploring the host responses to emerging viral infection and during vaccination.  


Jared Mullin


Jared is a Masters Student in the lab.  Jared recently graduate with a BSc from UNB. Jared's Master's project is focusing on Influenza Immune Imprinting during Childhood.


Magen Francis

Master's Student

Magen is a new Master's student in the Kelvin Lab. She graduated from StFX in May 2018 with a BSc in Biology. She is passionate about science and research. Magen's thesis research will be focused on the mechanism surrounding the improvement of the immune response in hosts with a previous exposure to influenza, followed by vaccination. When Magen is not working hard in the lab, she likes to get down to the beautiful east coast beaches.